White Paper: Agile-Stage-Gate: Dr. Robert Cooper

Scrum, Sprints, Kanban, Niko Niko... It used to be that these words were spoken exclusively within a software development environment, where Agile methodology took root. However, some early adopters and leading manufacturers have recently been giving them a new meaning, by experimenting and translating Agile methodology into their new product development processes.
Agile-Stage-Gate Hybrids, Combining the Best of Both Systems for Accelerated New-Product Development, By Dr. Robert G. Cooper

Early results show that Agile methods integrated with traditional gating approaches can be used to yield significant potential benefits for manufacturers - for example, studies show a typical time-to-market reduction of about 30% compared to traditional gating systems.

Why does an Agile-Stage-Gate hybrid system work? What are the early results experienced with this new approach? And, most importantly, how do you combine Agile methodologies and traditional gated idea-to-launch process within your own company?

Find out more about the principles of Agile methodology and the benefits of this approach for NPD in this exclusive white paper.

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