Link Round-Up: Time Management Skills

Time is precious, so learning to control your time by saying no to certain tasks will bring real value in the long run.

I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes at nine every morning.

- William Faulkner

Project managers are often seen as the masters of time management, juggling constantly changing timelines and plans. But many struggle to transfer this productivity to their everyday tasks. Finding a time in the day, where energy levels are high and you are inspired to produce work that really makes a difference can be hard to come across.

Time management tools alone rarely produce the desired effects if they are not backed up with tested strategies and skills. Honing in on these methods and learning the basic principles to avoid wasted hours in the office will not only shorten your work week but also increase your productivity.

Learn the skills

Getting to grips with these skills will offer further clarity when you eventually decide to create a to-do list or use time management software. However, if you want to take your skills to the next level testing the methods of some of the most productive people on the planet can be the best place to start.

Test the methods

Productivity is built on awareness of where you are putting your energy and ensuring that the task you say yes to is really worth your attention.