Link Roundup: Decision Making

Your product is decisions and your success will be the sum of the decisions you make over your career. The problem is it’s not easy to get better at making decisions and this is no less true in the realm of project and portfolio management.

A project or product manager's work is made of hundreds of decisions, sometimes big (should we choose this technology or that one), most often small. And as you move up in the hierarchy, your job becomes increasingly about making decisions, sometimes at the drop of a hat.

For this reason, being good at making decisions is really important. To improve your decision making, we've rounded up some of the best resources from around the web, and after studying some of these resources, you'll start to question why you never made this skill a priority at the start of your career. So with so many decisions to be made in our daily lives why do we not practice decision making?

Why we often make bad decisions

Understanding the reason behind poor decisions is great and gives you a great bases to devlop an awareness of these problems going forward. Now let's dive into some techniques to fine tune those decisions.

3 ways to make better decisions

These tips gives us a great push in the right direction, but to really evaluate and make noticeable improvements in your decisions we need some sort of software right? Not exactly. In fact, Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman argued that a cheap notebook from your local drugstore is the best solution to improve decision making.

Tools for better decision making:

Decision making is not case of "when you're good, you're good". Decision performance must be measured and we must acknowledge that our psychology will always lead us astray. Therefore, we must use simple and practical processes to ensure decisions are not made on a gut feeling but rather on a tried and tested method designed for optimal impact and results.