Stage-Gate® and "Phase Gate" Management

Planisware is one of a small number of software solutions worldwide to achieve Stage-Gate®1 Ready certification and Stage-Gate International’s new Innovation Team Agility certification – as well as PACE® compliance – and has enabled some of the world’s top organizations to streamline their Stage-Gate and “Phase Gate” processes to ensure smooth, efficient product delivery.

The solution ensures that users can effectively assess which projects should be pursued, providing a series of gate reviews at which users can generate scorecards for evaluation.

Once sustainable projects are selected, Planisware provides the tools necessary – such as advanced and robust cost, scheduling and resource engines – to execute projects smoothly, by ensuring that certain criteria are met before projects are allowed to pass into subsequent gates and move along in the development process.


Benefits of using a phase-based development methodology within Planisware

  • Incorporates new product development best practices for the most efficient ideation to launch processes. Stage-Gate® Ready certified software solutions have submitted to a rigorous evaluation of some 200 innovation-related criteria conducted by an unbiased Stage-Gate Product Innovation Expert. This ‘seal of approval’ assures potential buyers of product development software that the software performs the functionality necessary to successfully implement Stage-Gate best practice processes such as: Idea Management, Idea-to-Launch and Portfolio Management.
  • Fully configurable, integrated solutions that adapt to the way you work. Unlike other Stage-Gate Ready solutions that deliver similar functionalities, Planisware’s solutions are fully configurable, providing users with the flexibility to adapt the program to your company’s unique processes and merge with your existing systems.
  • Strong collaboration for people and systems. Planisware’s one-of-a-kind Web-based interface ensures that all data – including idea, resource, Stage-Gate, project and financial management information – remains in one centralized, accessible database.
  • Risk management and simulation tools support prudent decision-making. Planisware’s complete risk management and simulation functionalities ensure that project scenarios are viewed from all angles, with features that include risk checklists, key figures and an advanced, Monte Carlo risk simulation model, empowering users to make educated decisions at all gates to reduce project failures.
  • Advanced resource management and scheduling engines guarantee on-time delivery. Our cutting-edge resource management system includes supplier resource management and resource cost valuation tools, strong structuring that includes resource and organizational breakdown structures, and advanced project resource rules for project teams.


1 Stage-Gate® is a registered trade-mark of Product Institute Inc.