Software that Gets Innovation to Market

Extending business process support for the complete innovation lifecycle, Planisware offers all the tools your organization needs to do the right projects, and do the projects right.

End-to-End Innovation Life Cycle Support

Planisware brings players across the enterprise together to work collaboratively on portfolios, products, programs, and projects – from ideation to launch and beyond.

With Planisware, it's possible for Executives to formulate strategy, Market analysts to communicate business targets, Finance and Control groups to set budgets, Brand Managers to run idea campaigns, Portfolio Managers to assess the portfolio, PMs to manage projects, programs, and product lines, RMs to manage resources, and Team Members to coordinate work on deliverables – all within a single source of truth.

Bridging the Gap between Strategy and Execution

By providing a comprehensive solution, Planisware bridges the gap between strategic planning and operational execution. 

Executives can drive business decisions by broadcasting strategic goals, managers can use this direction to manage every day planning and execution activities, and all stakeholders gain continual insight into situational realities, project and portfolio performance, and gaps in alignment through bottom-up dashboards that aggregate real tactical information tracked by operations.

The path from strategy to execution doesn't have to be linear. Planning and execution can occur side by side for agile strategic decisions and effective execution. 

A Fully Integrated Solution

Planisware’s comprehensive system was built from the ground up, eliminating the need to interface with one-off systems that support a subset of planning functionality. This means you no longer have to spend time collecting and compiling countless project files or spreadsheets just to reveal conflicting project information and a view of the portfolio that is too unreliable and outdated to base decisions on.

It's also modular and adaptable, meaning you can begin with a comprehensive system, or start simple and evolve as your business evolves.

Meanwhile, integration with third party systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Document or Content Management Systems (CMS) enables the seamless flow of complementary information. End-user exchange with Microsoft Project (MSP) and Microsoft Excel are options.