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Planisware Consulting Services

Planisware provides consulting services that facilitate effective project follow-up, methodological support, and training.Planisware’s team of expert product consultants, as well as our network of world-class partners, empowers customers to continuously meet requirements through training and product adaptation: Planisware’s expert consultants are proficient in our entire product line and are consi

Distributors & Partners

Planisware network of distributors partners worldwide.Distributors Condesign The Condesign Group delivers services within IT, Media and Computer Aided Design to a major part of the Swedish manufacturing industry. Condesign has a solid experience of information design and management, including the design and implementation of project management tools...

FlexPace: Planisware Deployment Methodology

Planisware’s superior technology is complemented by FlexPace, our approach for implementing Planisware in an efficient and reliable way.FlexPace objectives include: Accelerated implementation time Reduced implementation risk Aligned tool and business process Improved user adoption Support during the process and continued support for future maturation and growth Empowered users Elevated maturity To

Technical Training

Planisware’s unique training program is designed to ensure that users obtain the functional and technical knowledge required to maximize their Planisware experiences. We offer two types of training sessions: Private training Upon request, Planisware will hold advanced, on-site training that can be tailored to your specific needs and questions...