Planisware's roadmapping module helps you quickly build and broadcast the company's strategic intent and direction across the organization.

Within a master roadmap, you can organize market trends, products, technologies, processes, and resources to define strategic goals and delineate how the organization intends to meet them.

But more than a simple whiteboard that helps you visualize the direction of the company, Planisware's roadmapping module empowers users to capture live information from across the system (projects, other roadmaps, applications, services, products, etc.) and organize information streams (schedules, costs, messages, KPIs, etc.) in order to compare the vision against actual progress, exposing both problem areas and achievements.

In addition to a top level roadmap communicating the company’s strategic goals, organizations can create and synchronize any number of detailed roadmaps to focus on particular departments or paths (e.g., IT perspective, R&D path, program by program). With this multi-layered approach, roadmaps in Planisware foster cross-functional communication while providing a concrete representation of the corporate strategy.