Raffi Shnorhokian

Manager, Project Management Department, CAE Inc.


Raffi joined CAE in 1998 as an aerodynamic software engineer to work on the flight simulation of military simulators. In his engineering role, Raffi gathered and analyzed flight test data from various sources, converted them into software that drives the performance system of the simulator. Moreover, he led the acceptance and qualification of multiple training devices with various customers and aviation authorities around the world.

In 2007, Raffi became a project manager in the civil department executing simulator projects for different customers working with the triple constraint of time, quality and cost. In this role, Raffi was responsible for the entire project lifecyle from initiation to closure.

Raffi became manager of the project management department in 2013 and is currently responsible for all civil project in Asia, Middle East and Oceania. He has a group of 10 project managers who lead multiple projects in this region and interact with customers of various cultures and backgrounds.

Raffi holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from McGill Univeristy. He has also achieved his PMP certification from PMI Institute.


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