Project Portfolio Management

Planisware provides high-level portfolio to help you align project decision with corporate strategies

Today’s companies are faced with tough strategic decisions that force them to stretch valuable resources across the entire organization. This makes it vital to employ decision processes that will obtain the best project portfolios to meet company objectives and ensure maximum return.

Planisware provides both high-level portfolio level and detailed information on projects for educated decision-making – helping organization keep the entire portfolio aligned with overall corporate strategies and objectives, and enabling them to secure the highest return on investments.

Key Benefits

  • Meaningful and unbiased evaluation of projects and opportunities based on Key Performance Indicators
  • A balanced portfolio that accounts for short- and long-term projects, and risks
  • Maximized value within the limits of resource constraints
  • Clear and concrete communication of strategy to key stakeholders
  • Alignment between strategy and portfolio
  • Maximized operational efficiency
  • Improved business performance and more confident decision-making