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Drive products from idea to market and beyond with Planisware's integrated solution. Focus on your most promising products and projects, accelerate time-to-market, and continually improve development processes. 

With customers in automotive, fast moving goods, life sciences, chemicals, high tech, more than one third of the world's 100 largest R&D portfolios are managed by Planisware.

Product Innovation from Idea to Market

Want to see Planisware Enterprise's product innovation capabilities in action? Watch our Product Development Mini-series


Build the right portfolio. Accelerate products to market.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Communicate your strategic vision, set investment targets, and create objective-optimized portfolios that will achieve your goals.

Scenarios and optimization techniques help you identify the right portfolio to deliver on your strategic objectives.

  • Articulate direction with multi-layered roadmaps
  • Align portfolio funding with investment objectives and funding constraints
  • Optimize resource utilization through capacity planning
  • Evaluate portfolio option through scenarios and simulations
  • Explore data through reporting

See also our strategic portfolio management article.

Ideation & Proposals

Collect new ideas and build qualitative and quantitative business case proposals for your opportunities. Leverage consistent financial metrics, KPI, and scorecards to eliminate bias from the project selection process.

  • Collect ideas and proposals
  • Make quantitative financial assessments
  • Apply qualitative, multi-user scoring
  • Evaluate risks

Resource Management

Leverage capacity planning, resource forecasting, and named resource allocation capabilities for critical roles and departments. Scenario planning tools help you anticipate bottlenecks; time-tracking closes the loop with actual time spent.

  • Capacity planning
  • Resource forecasting
  • Named resource allocation
  • Skills

See also our recorded demos around Capacity planning, Resource allocation and Agile resource planning.

Product Management

Featuring an extensive Profit and Loss (P&L) statement tool for market, sales, and cost forecasting, our Product module helps you manage the full lifecycle of your product from idea to retirement. In addition, integrate data from your PLM system to benefit from an aggregated PPM view.

Project Management & Team Collaboration

Manage traditional, agile, and hybrid projects through fully integrated project scheduling, resource, cost, and risk management. Control your projects using the Stage-Gate process or by leveraging hybrid methodologies.

Improve collaboration and communication through social PPM, document management, and deliverable tracking capabilities. Use your workbox to keep track of everything you need to know, check, or do.





Demo Series: New Product Development

Join the team at ACME Corporation as they manage their product portfolio and accelerate products from idea to launch using Planisware Enterprise.



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