Project Portfolio Management for IT Organizations


IT PPM is Project Portfolio Management applied to IT projects. Planisware IT PPM software solutions help IT organizations drive their project activities by:

  • capturing strategies and ambitions, their rationale and associated budgets
  • collecting and triaging requests from the whole organization
  • prioritizing projects using portfolio management techniques
  • supporting project delivery and the IT department's accountability
A IT Project Management meeting

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Build the right portfolio. Accelerate delivery of IT projects.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Communicate your strategic vision, set investment targets, and create objective-optimized portfolios that will achieve your goals.

Scenarios and optimization techniques help you identify the right portfolio to deliver on your strategic objectives.

  • Articulate direction with multi-layered roadmaps
  • Align portfolio funding with investment objectives and funding constraints
  • Optimize resource utilization through capacity planning
  • Evaluate portfolio option through scenarios and simulations
  • Explore data through reporting

See also our strategic portfolio management article.

Requests & Business Case

Collect and triage requests:

  • assign simple requests to the right maintenance activity projects or products,
  • build more complex requests into qualitative and quantitative business case proposals.

Within proposals, leverage consistent financial metrics, KPI, and scorecards to eliminate bias from the selection process.

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Resources and Teams

Address your IT organization's resource challenges: define autonomous teams to carry out your project activities, while using resource forecasting to manage your organizations capacity in the mid- to long-term.

Ensure that key resources/skills shared by several teams are not overallocated and that the total time allocated to maintenance activities is kept in check.

See also our recorded demos around Capacity planning, Resource allocation and Agile resource planning.

Leverage Insights from Enterprise Architecture

Create connections between strategic planning, IT architecture, and project / product activities :

  • Highlight short-term trade-offs and the impacts of project/portfolio decisions, with visibility into IT architecture assets such as applications, interfaces, technologies, and processes.
  • Take "to-be" plans from Enterprise Architects into account at the strategic planning level when building roadmaps and budgets.
  • Follow planning and delivery of changes to the architecture from projects or workstreams
  • Demonstrate the value of architectural initiatives. Consolidate costs from both projects and architectural assets. Create visibility into actual savings against baseline and the IT budget.

See the Enterprise Architecture recorded demo

Planisware Enterprise Network Graph

Agile and Scaled Agile

Agile is now the de facto standard to deliver change for projects and teams. Large initiatives are increasingly managed using scaled agile methodologies such as DoD, Spotify agile, or the popular SAFe framework.

Improve collaboration and communication through social ppm, document management, and deliverable tracking capabilities. Use Planisware's workbox to keep track of everything you need to know, check, or do.

See also our Enterprise Agile page, and product demos.

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Above all, Planisware convinced us because of its capability to represent the role-based workflow we required. We made the conscious decision to opt for standard software and to strongly parametrize it in order to give the end user the best possible process support. This absolutely turned out to be the right choice.

Christian Hess, Head of Project Portfolio Management, Raiffeisen


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Planisware recognized as
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2019 Magic Quadrant for ppm

"The vendor embraces the full life cycle
from strategy to execution."

"Excellent functionality [in] project, program, financial management; strong portfolio and resource management."

"A comprehensive, dedicated ppm solution and a Champion in the space."


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