Power User Training Program

Planisware Enterprise

Increase Productivity
Become a Pro as an End User


The Value of our Power User Training Program

Benefits for End Users and Power Users

  • Advanced comfort and productivity using the system.
  • New use cases for using features and capabilities.

Benefits for Organizations

  • More efficient usage leads to lower project costs.
  • More complete usage results in lower system costs and increased momentum for “one source of truth”
  • New capability discoveries increase value from the tool.
  • Eased learning curve improves new module roll outs.


Is this Program Right for You?

These training classes are targeted to help Planisware Enterprise end users across your organization. Example users:

  • Team members (key project users)
  • Project managers
  • Resource managers
  • Business unit leaders


Interested in administration and configuration training?

Our Certification Program might be for you. It arms administrators and system implementors with the skills to administrate, maintain, and configure the system with best practices. A rigorous online curriculum with 40+ hours of instruction is available to help candidates prepare to pass the exam(s) to get Planisware Certified. Learn more here.


What's Included in the 2021 Power User Training Program

The 1-year subscription to the Training Program includes the following:

12 Online Training Courses

  • Immediate access to 10-12 training courses in our Planisware Academy online platform, pre-recorded and led by a Planisware Enterprise Expert.
  • 18+ hours of total training time (each session is 1-2 hours).
  • Each training course is split into chapters and includes gamification and a forum to post questions.
  • Letter of Completion for individuals are available by request. To be eligible, the individual must watch the full training course and complete all exercises.
  • View training sample curriculum below. 

Live Q&A Sessions

  • Regular online, live Q&A sessions led by a Planisware Enterprise Expert. 
  • Each session will cover 1-2 course topics.
  • Exercises presented in the Planisware Academy course will be reviewed and live Q&A.
  • Currently, sessions are held every other Thursday and offered twice in one day to accomodate schedules: 15:00 CET / 9am ET and 22:00 CET / 4pm ET.

Training Environment

  • A Planisware Enterprise Best Practices environment available to practice in any time you want.


Why We Joined the Training Program

...A very cost-effective way to learn new about functionalities that we are not yet using and are looking forward to using. It also broadened the exposure to various features and functionalities that our team was not aware of even though we are a mature user - we are on year 11 of using Planisware.

Head R&D Resource Capabilities
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

To help us understand Planisware’s latest standard features, and to use them as appropriate – sometimes instead of specific configurations.

Director, R&D Business Capabilities
Bristol-Myers Squibb


How to Enroll in the Training Program

Once you know the Power User Training Program is right for you, register online. Your membership to the Planisware Enterprise Power User Training Program is activated at the beginning of each cycle when you'll gain access to the Program's contents (and payment is received).

Cost for 1st year: $1250 / 1000€ / 875 £

Group discounts available.

Contact academy@planisware.com for more info.

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Training Session Courses

All courses are designed for power users of Planisware Enterprise who want to solidify and increase their knowledge related to the given topic.

Creating Portfolio Filters

Course objectives:

  • Understand capabilities and benefits of the Portfolios functionality
  • Understand basic and advanced options when creating and managing Portfolios
  • Be more comfortable with creating and updating Portfolios

Although creating portfolios may seem like a piece of cake, there are a lot of variables that are often overlooked. Improperly created portfolios can have an impact on data quality, as well as system performance. Creating the correct portfolio goes a long way in getting the right information you need and as quickly as possible.

Tips and tricks to effectively utilize portfolios to their fullest will be covered in this course. The course is intended to provide the knowledge to create, manage and share the most efficient and precise portfolios within their systems.



Course objectives:

  • Know why “Styles” are so useful and when you can use them
  • Become comfortable creating, updating, sharing, and applying styles
  • Learn the advanced options, like shortcuts and filters

You can adjust virtually any table view in Planisware to display the data you want to see – and hide what you don’t. Styles give you the power to save all the different sets of adjusted table views that you’ll want to reach for on a regular basis. This applies to tables of any type of data you can think of, from projects, to activities, to resources, and more.

Gain the know-how you’ll need to build your own working views and reports of whatever data you want, whenever you want it. By understanding the ins and outs of Styles, you'll increase productivity and improve their personal experience in the system.

Building upon the concepts and features available for manipulating tables (sorting, filtering, grouping, etc.), this training covers tips and tricks to improve usage. As Style management is a core feature available throughout Planisware Enterprise, this course is intended to enhance your efficiency through quicker, easier, day-to-day navigation and usage.



Course objectives:

  • Help increase productivity while using Planisware
  • Learn tips and techniques to navigate through the Project Module easily and efficiently

This session will help you truly master the navigation of Planisware Enterprise's menus, modules and pages. Learn more about what different icons mean and where to find some common settings. After this course you should be able to move through Planisware effortlessly with a better understanding of where to click on for streamlined navigation.



Course objectives:

  • Understand how the Planisware scheduling engine works
  • Understand scheduling capabilities and options
  • Be more comfortable scheduling within the system

Instruction for this course focuses on techniques to assist in navigation, scheduling, and adjusting tables and views.

An understanding of your company’s own processes is highly recommended and some experience with Planisware or other Gantt-based scheduling tools is a plus.


Document Management and Collaboration

Course objectives:

  • Understand capabilities and benefits of Document Management and Collaboration in Planisware
  • Create a centralized view to prioritize assigned works and tasks
  • Leverage and utilize the features to empower the user base and promote collaboration within the tool

Document management and collaboration is utilized by every company but often spread across multiple systems and individual file systems. Planisware Enterprise offers a centralized framework to facilitate collaboration and make it easier to reference and track over the course of the project, all in one place.

A general overview of the topics will be covered, focusing on key functionalities that utilize collaboration features to the fullest, and showcase the power of managing documents within the Planisware system. Users will be provided with the knowledge to access the right tools to collaborate efficiently with colleagues and streamline processes.


Kanban boards

Course objectives:

  • Learn how to use Planisware’s Kanban boards
  • Understand how Kanban boards can help you manage your detailed work
  • Improve scheduling efficiency and prioritization using the Kanban boards
  • Utilize Kanban boards to create better visibility and accountability within your project

Do you want higher visibility managing the progress of tasks? Do you want to incorporate tools and techniques from Agile into your project management methods?

Watch this course and learn how to build and manage Kanban boards in Planisware Enterprise. You’ll see how to build a backlog of requirements, create your team, and manage your team’s work in progress. With Kanbans, you’ll be able to track what tasks that are outstanding, in progress, and completed in real time.


Stage & Gate

Course objectives:

  • Learn the value of Stage-Gate
  • Set up Stage-Gate projects in Planisware

Discover how to standardize and automate your product development processes using Planisware’s Stage & Gate framework.

This training will cover how to leverage Stage & Gate models within Planisware Enterprise to make key decisions on whether to continue, delay, or kill a project and how to track the progress of the project’s deliverables. You will also learn how to track project performance through Planisware’s integration of baselining and versioning with the Stage & Gate model.


Resource Management

Course objectives:

  • Create and manage your Resource Breakdown Structure
  • Prioritize projects using capacity planning
  • Accurately staff projects with available resources

Learn about the three essential components of successful Resource Management with Planisware: capacity planning, resource forecasting, and advanced resource allocation.

Leverage Planisware Enterprise's built-in capabilities to create and manage your organization's resources, assign them to tasks in your plan, automate forecast, seamlessly supply resources to meet project's demand and identify bottlenecks and conflicts at a glance.


Buckets & Investments

Course objectives:

  • Understand capabilities and benefits of the Buckets & investments module
  • Learn how to build and fine tune portfolio scenarios
  • Be more comfortable with features enabling scenarios comparison

The Bucket & investments module is a powerful module, allowing managers to select a set of projects based on financial and resourcing targets broken down according to strategic buckets.

Learn how to leverage features to effectively create and optimize scenarios within Planisware Enterprise in order to improve project selection. Know how to access the right tools to compare scenarios efficiently in Planisware Enterprise.


Roadmaps and Timelines

Course objectives:

  • Create and manage Roadmaps from your organization’s data
  • Build templates to quickly produce graphics of your projects and portfolios
  • Learn the tools in Planisware to help illustrate your long-term strategic goals

This course is designed to introduce the concepts of Roadmaps & Timelines and show you how they can be configured with the different Planisware Enterprise modules, including Roadmaps, Programs and Products. First we will create a high-level corporate roadmap to help your company define their long-term strategic goals. Once the global roadmaps are established, we will build more specific technology roadmaps using roadmap layouts. This course ends by going over a few tips & tricks to build top-of-the-line, dynamic portfolio timelines.






Live Q&A Session 2021 Schedule

Below is the live Q&A session schedule for 2021. The dates below are provided for information only. Some topics may be switched around as necessary.


Date Time Live Q&A Session Topic
February 4 15:00 CET // 9am ET
22:00 CET // 4pm ET
Portfolio Filters & Styles
February 18 15:00 CET // 9am ET
22:00 CET // 4pm ET
March 4 15:00 CET // 9am ET
22:00 CET // 4pm ET
March 18 14:00 CET // 9am ET
21:00 CET // 4pm ET
Document Management
April 8 15:00 CEST // 9am ET
22:00 CEST // 4pm ET
April 22 15:00 CEST // 9am ET
22:00 CEST // 4pm ET
Resource Management
May 20 15:00 CEST // 9am ET
22:00 CEST // 4pm ET
Roadmaps & Timelines
June 10 15:00 CEST // 9am ET
22:00 CEST // 4pm ET
Buckets & Investments
July 1 15:00 CEST // 9am ET
22:00 CEST // 4pm ET
Portfolio Filters and Styles
July 15 15:00 CEST // 9am ET
22:00 CEST // 4pm ET
Scheduling Basics
August 12 15:00 CEST // 9am ET
22:00 CEST // 4pm ET
September 9 15:00 CEST // 9am ET
22:00 CEST // 4pm ET
Document Management
September 23 15:00 CEST // 9am ET
22:00 CEST // 4pm ET
October 7 15:00 CEST // 9am ET
22:00 CEST // 4pm ET
Resource Management
October 28 15:00 CEST // 9am ET
22:00 CEST // 4pm ET
Roadmaps and Timelines
November 18 15:00 CET // 9am ET
22:00 CET // 4pm ET
Buckets and Investments