Do I have to attend every session?

Not at all! The POWER Series contains a lot of content, but is designed so there is something for everyone. You can attend only the sessions that interest you.

Do I need any special equipment?
The POWER Series is entirely web-based. You will need access to a computer or mobile phone and internet. Make sure your browser is up to date and you have a strong internet connection, sit back, and enjoy!

We are using GoToWebinar and GoToMeetings. The first time you use GoToWebinar, you will need to download the desktop software, which will automatically install itself. We chose this as it is the optimal experience for users. If you have questions, please let us know. 

Check system requirements (classic webinar).
Learn more here and here about accessing GoToWebinar (general presentations).
Learn how to access GoToMeeting here (workshops, trainings, meetings).
If you're using a mac to join and have questions, read more here.

How do I access the live sessions?
Navigate to our agenda page, scroll down to the session you want to join, and click the "join broadcast" button. You may need to verify your email first. If it's your first time accessing a session, you may want to download the GoToWebinar desktop software for a better experience.

For customer presentations and workshops, an email will be sent each day to series registrants with access links (in addition to accessing it through the agenda).

I'm having issues logging in the agenda for the LIVE BROADCAST.

It could be due to settings within your browser (stuck in a loop of requesting validation?). To be sure you don't run into complications later, I would adjust your browser settings:

  • In Google Chrome, go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Cookies & Save Data > Uncheck Third Party Cookies.
  • In Firefox, go to Preferences > Privacy & Security > Browser Privacy > Change Setting to Custom > uncheck Cookies and Tracking Content
  • In Edge, go to Settings > Privacy and Services > Tracking Prevention > Change the default "Balanced" to "Basic"

Also, please note the "Sign In" or "Sign Out" at the top right of your window (next to the maginfying glass icon) is for our Customer Portal - it is NOT related to the POWER Series agenda access.

Still having issues? Please contact Nicolette at nicolette.pierantoni@planisware.com directly.

How do I add a session to my calendar?

View the agenda and click on the session you want to add. You will be directed to that session's webpage - click "Add to Calendar" and choose the calendar you use.

Can I view session recordings and slide decks if I can't attend the live session?

If we can, we will post the video recordings and slide decks, with additional resources, on our Customer Portal POWER Series page. Note you must have a Customer Portal account (if you had a MyPortal account, those credentials will work to log-in on this new Customer Portal). Don't have an account? Request one here.

What are the "My interests" and "My Registered Sessions" lists on the agenda page and event app?

Use the "My interests" list to personalize your agenda and see only the sessions that interest you. Just click the star in the top left corner of a session's description box to add the session to your list.

If you've saved a seat for a networking session, this will appear in your "My Registered Sessions" list.

If you are part of the BioPharma or NPD BPWGs or CAB, or participating in our paid training package, you are automatically registered for these sessions and will see them in your "My Registered Sessions" list.

What networking opportunities are there for me during the POWER Series?
Learn more on our networking page about how to access our event community, LinkedIn group, and networking sessions. Additionally, our workshops, trainings and user group meetings will be in an interactive setting, allowing participants to see and talk to each other.

How do I get the event app?

On a mobile device, click this link to download our Planisware Events app from your app store, then access the POWER Series event.

Alternatively, if you search for the "Planisware Events" app in your app store and download it, you will need to find the "POWER Series 2020" event and verify your email.


I'm part of the BioPharma or NPD Best Practices Working Group. Are they meeting?
Yes, both working groups will be meeting on Monday, June 8, 11am - 1pm ET! Meeting agendas will be sent to participants. If you are a member of one of these groups you should be notified by them with information about this meeting, including how to access the live meeting. 

I'm part of the Customer Advisory Board (CAB). When is this group meeting?
The CAB will meet on Thursday, June 4, 12 - 2pm ET. Contact Gilles (gilles.almeras@planisware.com) for more information.

I'm interested in joining the BioPharma or NPD Best Practices Working Group.
For the BioPharma group, contact Aimee (aimee.rodrigues@planisware.com). For the NPD group, contact Keith (keith.duncan@planisware.com).


Will there be training during the POWER Series?
Yes! We are holding 6 training course sessions. These trainings will be taught by a Planisware Expert. Learn more about training here.

Will there be Certification courses or exams during the POWER Series?
At this time we do not plan to hold any Certification courses or exams during the series. Contact certification@planisware.com with any Certification questions.


What is the Planisware POWER Series 2020?
The Planisware POWER Series is an online, exclusive event for Planisware customers and partners that showcases a variety of organizations who drive innovation with the Planisware solution. This is an opportunity for attendees to connect, learn, and share with one another.

We are packing the series with content - something for everyone! Please know registration gets you access to all the sessions but you don't have to attend all of them. You can attend only the sessions that interest you.

Who should attend the POWER Series?
This virtual series is open to all, global, Planisware customers and partners. Please be aware the sessions are listed for Eastern Time in the US, as the sessions are run by US-based individuals.


How much does the POWER Series cost?
Registration is free for all active Planisware customers. Register now!

Partners have two options for attending:
   1) Purchase an individual pass, or
   2) Become a sponsor, which includes passes.
For more details on how to register as a partner and sponsor, visit our partner page or contact david.gustafson@planisware.com.

What is included in my registration?
Access to the full series, which includes:

  • Opening Remarks
  • Customer Case Studies
  • Planisware Solution Workshops
  • Event app & networking through the event Community
  • Private LinkedIn Group "Planisware POWER Series"

I registered for the User Summit in Denver, do I need to register again for the POWER Series?
Yes, please register again for the POWER Series, as they are two separate events.

I've registered online. Now what? Where is my ticket?
You should receive a registration confirmation email showing your e-ticket. Your ticket is an electronic ticket. Your ticket automatically gives you access to the series sessions.

I've registered for the POWER Series event. Do I also need to register for individual sessions?
You MUST register for networking sessions as capacity is limited ("save a seat" >> instructions here).

You do not need to register for individual sessions such as the opening remarks, customer case studies, and Planisware workshops.

If you are participating in the BPWGs, CAB, and/or paid training, you will automatically be registered for these specific sessions.