Portfolio Management



Collect ideas and requests, develop business cases,
and build a portfolio aligned with your strategy






Business Cases

Evaluate project proposals thoroughly against qualitative attributes (standardized through scorecards) and quantitative metrics (such as cash flow, NPV, ECV) before pushing them for selection against their peers

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Project Selection

Find the right mix of projects to create a high value, balanced portfolio, aligned with corporate strategy – within budget and resource constraints.

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Scenario comparison & optimization

Elaborate investment scenarios – including with the help of advanced techniques such as the efficient frontier – and compare them against your strategic axes. Adjust and optimize your plan as the organization context evolves.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Explore real-time data through ad-hoc reporting and dynamic data analysis. Manage by exception and drill-down to the level of details that make sense to help solve the issue.

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Project Selection & Portfolio Optimization

Strategic buckets (budget envelopes), simulations, what-if scenarios and portfolio management.

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Planisware Overview

Planisware detailed brochure and product description.


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