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Portfolio Express

15 Days to a Lean Project Portfolio with our Enterprise Solution

Kick-start your Project Portfolio with Planisware Enterprise. Get up and running fast as you optimize your portfolio in four steps:

  1. Define your organization's structure, budgets, and portfolios
  2. Collect supporting data
  3. Analyze your portfolios with simulations and scenarios
  4. Validate your budget and prioritize your initiatives

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Prioritize your Portfolio
Cut budgets, but keep the value

Inform Decisions with Data
Make tough decisions with confidence with data-driven prioritization.

Rapid Launch
Take control of your Project Portfolio - be operational in Enterprise in just 15 days.

Focus Resources
Ensure that must-do initiatives get the attention and funding they deserve.

Build Expertise
Boost your company's PPM maturity - we help you level up your processes.


Our 15-day Program to (re)-Shape your Project Portfolio

Step 1: Define portfolios and primary strategic dimensions 

What is the objective?

First, we need to define the core of your portfolio engine: the portfolios that you will use to group your projects and set constraints and objectives, and the strategic axes against which you will evaluate these portfolios.

How does Planisware assist?

Portfolios are simple to create and update at any point in time. They typically follow logic that is already in place within your company. Each portfolio comprises a set of projects, along with a budget or spending limits and objectives.

Planisware Enterprise Express provides you with 4 foundational strategic dimensions: customers, products, brands, and countries. All dimensions come out of the box with a full complement of associated reporting and dashboards.

Step 2: Consolidate your initiatives and projects

What is the objective?

We need to collect a high level assessment of all the projects and initiatives throughout the company. And we need to do this fast.

How does Planisware assist?

We provide template scorecards and project templates to rapidly collect the information you need in order to start making decisions.

Using our patented Activetab technology, we are able to distribute Microsoft Excel spreadsheets throughout your company and consolidate them on-the-go within your portfolio.


Step 3: Perform your portfolio analyses

What is the objective?

We need to come up with scenarios about where to allocate funds and budgets. For instance, faced with a budget reduction, how can we reprioritize the portfolio and keep most of its value? How do you know that cutting a project won't have implications for other initiatives or impede execution in some other part of the company?

How does Planisware assist?

Our expert team will ensure that you are positioned to take full advantage of the advanced portfolio capabilities of Planisware Enterprise Express: simulations across objectives and dimensions, versioning, what-if, and scenario comparison. We also offer guidance on how to deal with "must-dos", project dependencies, and constraints.

Projects Score Comparison

Step 4: Make decisions

What is the objective?

Armed with the data and scenario outcomes gathered in steps 1 through 3, you must now select the portfolio versions and initiatives that your company will focus on.

How does Planisware assist?

We provide an extensive set of reporting screens and documents out of the box to help you further analyze and communicate the options and portfolio versions you plan to implement, and to make and record key decisions.


Reprioritize on the fly. Preserve your Capacity to deliver on the Strategy.

We wanted to accelerate some of our programs. We had a new CEO coming in. He wanted to know what can we do? How quickly can we do it? What's it going to cost? We were able to turn it around in 6 hours. And I think it impressed our CEO - and it turned out to be accurate.


We were able to meet a challenge of a budget reduction without impacting the ultimate goals of the project


I think we faced a lot of prioritization challenges, so, what is the right thing to work on at the right time.

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