Strategic Planning



Create your roadmap, allocate budgets in line with priorities, and monitor execution







Define your key market drivers, events and deliverables; display milestones from contributing roadmaps or programs. Set the roadmap into motion and synchronize progress to track execution in real time.

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Strategic Buckets

Define strategic axis and allocate funds to envelopes according to your priorities. Ensure that only projects and programs aligned with the plan are selected.

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Capacity Planning

Compare mid-term resource forecasts with the organization's capacity and uncover bottlenecks. Build resource plans, apply time shifts to projects and compare scenarios.

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Build a business plan and shape your budget. As your plan unfolds, consolidate costs & expenditures from contributing projects and revise your estimates.

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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Explore real-time data through ad-hoc reporting and dynamic data analysis. Manage by exception and drill-down to the right level of detail to help solve issues.

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