Portfolio Alignment

Align your organization from the strategic business vision to operations


The first step toward achieving a well-balanced, healthy pipeline is to define and communicate the Strategic Roadmap for the organization. Which kind of acquisitions should be made? What markets should we target and when? What countries should we expand to? What is our recruiting plan? It is important for an organization to answer to these types of questions to provide direction and influence portfolio evaluations.

Planisware’s quick-to-build Roadmapping user interface, featuring drag and drop functionality, enables upper level management to create strategic roadmaps directly in the system, and then share them with portfolio management, marketing and product leads, in real time.

Once a Strategic Roadmap has been defined and communicated, portfolio management, marketing, and R&D leads can use these targets to inform project and portfolio decisions, structure optimal product roadmaps and eventually use these to measure development performance.

Defining visually concise product roadmaps in the system enables management to both report “up” to executives, as well as articulate timeline objectives for R&D teams. When a project is in the development phase, synchronization and tracking features close the loop by offering transparency between original objectives and the progress of execution.

Strategic Buckets

Effective project management begins with a solid strategy – and Planisware provides users with the tools necessary to ensure successful execution and delivery.

Through the solution's strategic buckets (also known as budget envelopes), users can allot budgets top-down along multiple dimensions, including organizations, product lines, project types, strategic goals, and geography. By comparing the top-down strategic buckets to the cost estimated for the current portfolio, organizations can monitor alignment and identify gaps between strategy and operations.

Budget Management

Proper finance management and governance are cornerstones to project management – and Planisware features the most comprehensive budget management module available on the market.

Planisware's advanced cost and budget system supports annual and quarterly budgeting processes by providing top-down budget allocation as well as a roll-up of project budgets (both initial and revisions) for a bottom-up approach.

As gaps are identified, users can run simulations testing potential scenarios for reconciling the top-down and bottom-up budgets, to find a solution that works at both the operational and corporate levels.