Planning & Scheduling



Manage planning and scheduling at all levels of the portfolio from high-level roadmap to detailed execution.







Define your key market drivers, events and deliverables; display milestones from contributing roadmaps or programs. Set the roadmap into motion and synchronize progress to track execution in real time.

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Multi-level Planning

Gain complete real-time visibility over all your projects through the use of consistent tools, methodologies and data. Manage program, product and technology cross-dependencies, and identify issues before they occur.

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Project Control

Follow a project manager, a workpackage manager, and a department head as they assess the consequences of change requests on an engineering project's schedule and expenditure, and the program it belongs to.

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How Airbus improves program performance with Unified Planning

A short animation film about the challenges of coordinating complex programs and the rationale behind the development of its Unified Planning tool.


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