Engineering & Project Control



Manage all financial aspects of your projects and programs, factor in risk, and optimize execution.






Financial and Capital Planning

Track and optimize budgets and forecasts at all levels of the portfolio. Manage funding sources for each program, and corresponding cash flows. Implement comprehensive cost management processes and track Earned Value with ease.

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Risk Management and Scenario Planning

Manage risk at strategic and operational levels. Use what-if scenarios to model different assumptions and derive key insights into potential outcomes. Run Monte-Carlo simulations to to generate confidence intervals on selected KPI, like eNPV.

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Planning and Scheduling

Create your roadmaps and include milestones from contributing projects. Track and analyze opportunities to build the best pipeline. Structure projects into workpackages, and manage bids. Synchronize program and project planning to track execution in real time.

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Resource Management

Planisware provides robust capacity planning, accurate resource forecasting, and advanced resource allocation capabilities.

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