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The Planisware Suite


What does Planisware software offer and what makes it different from other PPM solutions? What does Planisware software do?

Cloud Services

What are Planisware’s cloud service options and how do they compare to on-premise delivery? What are Planisware’s Delivery Options? Planisware can be delivered: On-premise, where the client purchases licenses and hosts the solution, or In the cloud, where Planisware provides the hosting platform and maintains the solution, and the solution is provided as a service...

Integrating Planisware into your IT Infrastructure

Planisware features numerous integration points with enterprise third-party solutions, such as ERPs, as well as desktop applications. Integration at the Corporate Level Over 80% of Planisware customers have live data integrations with one or more third-party enterprise solutions. SAP Applications Planisware features a certified interface with SAP applications...