Planisware Project Management Key Benefits

Benefits of the Planisware Project and Portfolio Management solution when managing projects.

Key Benefits

  • An intuitive, web-based solution. Users accustomed to planning in other advanced scheduling tools transition well to Planisware’s user interface.
  • Maximized operational efficiency. A centralized, integrated system ensures schedules, costs, and resources are aligned automatically, across functions and teams. Project managers save days of work by bypassing the effort of importing, consolidating, and reconciling misaligned data from disparate files and different systems.
  • Increased visibility over all projects. Predefined views in Planisware make it simple to review changes, risks and opportunities, and trends concerning schedule changes, resource/cost consumption and key performance indicators.
  • A single source of truth for all to share. All project stakeholders use the same tool, work with the same methodologies, and see the same live data. This builds trust around the system, increases frequency of use, and results in more frequent updates.
  • Designed around best practices. The system was designed to support best practices defined in the PMBOK®, and based upon methodologies including PACE® from PRTM®, and Stage-Gate® from Stage-Gate Inc.