Planisware for New Product Development & Innovation

Discerning which products to bring to market can be a difficult task ripe with questions: Which projects fit best in the company’s overall strategy and roadmap? What products will deliver a strong ROI? How do we balance resources across the portfolio? Will innovation get to market on-time? Planisware’s industry-leading PPM solutions empower you to address these questions and ensure that the best products in your portfolio reach the market successfully.

  • Do the right projects … and do the projects right. No other organization has had as much success empowering companies to successfully and seamlessly bring products to market. One of only nine Stage-Gate Ready© certified solutions worldwide, Planisware provides users with the most complete set of tools to support new product development from the early ideation phases to market launch. And with a deep customer base spread across several industries, Planisware’s proven technology is equipped to support various types of NPD – whether you are developing a new cancer treatment or LCD TV.
  • Define business plans and objectives to ensure that projects selected are always aligned with overall corporate goals. Planisware’s strategic roadmapping capabilities empower you to prioritize risk, market trends, products, technologies, processes and resources to ensure that activities align with business goals. These roadmaps drive projects forward by providing tools for budget creation, resource allocation, risk, project priorities, scheduling and more, thus keeping your organization’s processes on track with big-picture objectives.
  • More effectively organize, assess and prioritize multiple potential projects. Planisware allows you to organize potential projects for ranking against multiple dimensions, allowing you to make comparisons across multiple categories. Additionally, portfolios can later be tracked, managed and assessed both qualitatively (e.g., risk and business/market scoring) and quantitatively (e.g. cash flow, net present and expected commercial value) – so you can do the right projects, every time.
  • Make educated decisions on portfolio and project adjustments. Planisware provides users with a best-in-class toolbox for complete portfolio simulation, including portfolio sandboxes, “What if?” scenarios building capabilities, and an advanced simulation engine that provides multi-axis comparisons with factors such as risk, resource availability, and cost.
  • Stay on-budget to maximize your ROI. Planisware’s advanced cost management system supports annual and quarterly budgeting processes through a global, “top-down” allocation, as well as enables project budgeting (both initial and revision) in a “bottom-up” approach.
  • Bring products to market quickly. Through a toolbox of applications that promotes collaboration and provides detailed capacity planning and advanced scheduling engines through an easy-to-use Web-based interface, Planisware enables the transparency needed across an entire organization to ensure projects run smoothly and are delivered to market on-time.