Planisware is the #1 Champion in the Project Portfolio Management Emotional Footprint Report by Info-Tech Research Group's SoftwareReviews, August 2022.

Planisware Enterprise achieved the top score overall. The report revealed that customers consider Planisware Enterprise to be an efficient, productive, and innovative solution and describe Planisware's business practices as caring, trustworthy and client-focused.

Planisware remains the #1 PPM vendor after close to a decade of market dominance. According to Info-Tech’s report:

  •  Planisware has solidified #1 in both net emotional footprint – overall user feeling toward the vendor and product - and value index axis – user satisfaction given the costs paid to the vendor
  •  Planisware’s CX score of 9.6/10 is the result of increased investments in both products and customer services, metric that correlates with Planisware’s customer retention rate of 98%
  •  Planisware is the only vendor achieving a perfect score in putting “client’s interest first”, “continually improving offering”, and being “fair” in its partnerships with customers

Combined with its #1 position in Info-Tech’s data quadrant, looking at the market through a more product-oriented lens, Planisware Enterprise is the natural PPM tool of choice for any organization wishing to maximize value from its portfolio assets.

As organizations grow, the number of active projects and tasks increase and become more complex. The need to co-ordinate project work, to shift project resources and to produce accurate and reliable reports for key decision makers continually grows larger and more urgent. The key to a successful solution is long-term sustainable adoption that drives measurable results. Planisware, a leader in the space, is focused on facilitating better customer outcomes. It’s no surprise this focus has led to positive practitioner feedback that has driven them to place as leaders in our most recent PPM evaluations. says  Ugbad Farah, Research Director, Applications – Project & Portfolio Management.

Info-Tech’s 2022 Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Emotional Footprint Report is intended as a buyer's guide that accelerates purchasing decisions for various software markets, highlighting vendor and product performance at a glance. Out of the 50 PPM solutions considered, only 14 of them made it to the Emotional Footprint Report based on user perspective, with Planisware ranked #1.

The report data collected comes from carefully researched feedback from 675 verified software users on 11 Product Features, 11 Vendor Capabilities, and 25 Customer Satisfaction (Emotional Footprint) attributes.

Info-Tech is an independent research and consulting firm in the enterprise software landscape and vendor relationships. SoftwareReviews provides comprehensive reports based on data from real end users, and IT professionals who have worked with it through procurement, implementation, and maintenance.

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