Planisware Enterprise for
New Product Development

Join the team at Acme Corporation as they use Planisware to manage their NPD portfolio.


This mini-series covers common scenarios addressing challenges faced by New Product Development organizations. See how Planisware's built-in workflows, easy-to-use tools, and team-oriented user interface drive success for NPD.

Episode 1: Stage & Gate 

Discover how project managers and teams leverage Planisware Enterprise to organize and keep up with their work in a rapidly changing environment. See how convenient access to essential project status documents and portfolio reports enables gatekeepers to make informed, data-driven decisions around project investments.

This episode covers how to:

  • Update project deliverables (e.g. business case, resource plan)
  • Prepare for a gate meeting
  • Deal with "out of bounds" conditions at a gate meeting
  • Change a team member

Episode 2: Hybrid Agile 

Follow project manager Susan as she coordinates development of a new widget. Learn how Planisware Enterprise's flexible work processes promote team productivity by meeting the unique needs of each department, while maintaining just the right level of governance.

This episode covers how to:

  • Combine Agile sprints for software development within a Stage & Gate project
  • Use Kanban boards for team task tracking
  • Customize deliverables for a stage

Episode 3: Idea & Demand Management 

See how Planisware Enterprise facilitates management of project and product requests, enabling you to efficiently prioritize and on-board new work.

This episode covers how to:

  • Use the project request form to manage customer requests for new or enhanced products
  • Use idea campaigns to close strategic product gaps
  • Use idea campaigns to manage product needs and to assign those needs to in-process projects

Episode 4: Program Management 

Learn how Programs can help you manage complex initiatives by providing a single location to view and coordinate key activities across multiple related projects.

This episode covers how to:

  • Organize related projects into an overarching program
  • Manage risks, issues, and business cases at the program level
  • Use consolidated financials to understand the costs and benefits of an entire program

Episode 5: Product Management 

Many PMOs are transitioning from managing projects and their tasks to managing products and their requirements. See how Planisware Enterprise allows product managers to track achievement against requirements customers are willing to pay for instead of against tasks defined by project teams.

This episode covers how to:

  • Manage product requirements
  • Create and manage product BOMs
  • Manage product costs and revenues

Episode 6: Strategic Planning 

Effective portfolio analysis depends on a clearly articulated strategic plan. See how Planisware Enterprise helps define the structure and constraints of a strategic plan that is then used by portfolio managers to optimize investments in projects.

This episode covers how to:

  • Define the strategy for multiple strategic arenas
  • Articulate that strategy by setting budget constraints and revenue objectives
  • Align the project portfolio with the constraints and objectives