Planisware Consulting Services

Planisware provides consulting services that facilitate effective project follow-up, methodological support, and training.

Planisware’s team of expert product consultants, as well as our network of world-class partners, empowers customers to continuously meet requirements through training and product adaptation:

  • Planisware’s expert consultants are proficient in our entire product line and are consistently involved with customers – from the pre-purchase phases to daily maintenance. During the solution deployment our consultants ensure that the tool is efficiently meeting our customers’ unique needs; When in production, consultants frequently work with customers to conduct software audits, as well as provide recommendations and functional expertise.
  • Continued support to ensure that customers maximize our tools. We at Planisware take great pride in delivering best-in-class corporate portfolio solutions and understand that our job doesn’t end at deployment – which is why we are committed to offering superior on-going maintenance and technical support. Support teams of Planisware solution experts are located worldwide to ensure optimal assistance no matter where you are located. Questions are answered timely – so you can efficiently receive the help you need and quickly move on to your work.
  • An extensive network of partners ensures that services are always at your fingertips. Planisware’s vast network of valued partners and distributors offer an array of services that supplement our resources – guaranteeing that you always have access to the tools you require. And our established partner certification program ensures that we join forces with only the most capable, top-notch companies. A list of our current partners and distributors is available on the company section of this website.