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Why get Certified?


  • A Planisware Certification is a significant way to validate your skills and communicate your expertise.
  • The breadth and depth of the topics covered by the Core and Advanced trainings ensure that you are ready for new roles and responsibilities in your organization.
  • Through the Program, connect with a like-minded community of advanced Planisware administrators and experts.
  • For organizations that have adopted the Planisware solution, making sure to have Planisware Certified experts on staff means more independence in maintaining your configuration, and an ability to react faster to business needs.




Two Certification Levels


Take the Planisware Core Certificate to validate your knowledge and your ability to administrate the Planisware solution day-to-day. The exam consists of a series of open questions and can be taken online (offered 3 times per year).

To validate your skills in implementing the Planisware solution, then take the Planisware Advanced Certificate. The exam is a one-day large-scale practical exam and must be taken in one of Planisware's offices (US, Europe – 3 exams per year in each area).


The Planisware Certification program costs 3000€ / $3500 the first year, then 1500€ / $1725 per year after that for the maintenance fee, and includes access to all training resources, and one attempt to each of the Core and Advanced exams.


Certification tests are currently based on Planisware 6.2




Comprehensive Training


Enrolling in the Planisware Expert Certification program will grant you access to our weekly web-based Live training sessions. These two hour instructor-led sessions cover a wide breadth of topics, and delve into the specifics of Planisware features.

View the full curriculum here.

Together with access to a complete database of documents and e-resources, you will receive your own training environment, the Planisware Box pre-loaded with our Best Practices Database, to allow you to put into practice your newly acquired skills.





  1. Review the Program FAQ and enroll in the Certification Program – Get your questions answered, then sign up here.
  2. Complete the e-Classroom Training – Prepare for your exams with live online training sessions, recorded videos, and technical and functional documentation. Apply your new skills on your Planisware box, a training environment with the Best Practices Database.
  3. Register for the exam
  4. Set up your computer for the exam


Have questions about the Planisware Expert Certification program?

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