What does Planisware software offer and what makes it different from other PPM solutions?

What does Planisware software do?

Planisware is a Project and Portfolio Management software solution that helps you:

Who are Planisware customers? 

Planisware customers are typically medium and large organizations with implementations that range anywhere from fifty to tens of thousands of users.

Planisware manages projects for:

  • New Product Development (NPD)
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance and small scale production
  • IT PPM when resource management is a key requirement

Our list of references include customers within aerospace & defense, automotive, chemical, fast moving goods, high-tech, life sciences, energy, engineeringIT PPM.

How widely has Planisware been adopted?

Planisware is the leading PPM solution for NPD and our customer base includes over 40% of the top 60 R&D spenders worldwide.

Industry giants such as Ford, Philips, Pfizer, Airbus, DuPont and Shell as well as dynamic mid-sized organizations such as Martin-Baker, Rexam and Brocade have chosen Planisware as their PPM software solution.

What makes Planisware different?

Here are three key areas that make us stand out from the crowd:

  1. We have industry knowledge and vertical offerings that cover best practices, methodology, and deployment
  2. Our software offers a cohesive user interface within an end-to-end integrated solution
  3. An active user community of PPM professionals from leading organizations worldwide offers unique opportunities for collaboration  

Interested in learning more about Planisware?

Q&A about the solution

Who is Planisware?

Planisware is an independent software vendor, committed to the development of its Project Portfolio Management solution. Planisware's presence, growth and financial results ensure that we will be able to serve our customers for many years to come.


Our customers deploy Planisware solutions over multiple resources, sites and continents. Some examples:

  • 250 to 500 users: Shell, Chiesi, Milliken
  • around 5,000 users: Airbus, Ford, Teva
  • > 10K users: Novartis, EDF, J&J

Planisware's customer maintenance renewal rate is 99%. Our oldest customer of 22 years, Arianespace, is running the latest version of our solution.

Want to see more references? Have a look at a more comprehensive list.


Planisware consulting services can be complemented by services from large business and technical organizations such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, CGI, Wipro or Cap Gemini as well as specialized services from companies such as PRTM, Kalypso, XRiver, and Oresys. For more information, visit our list of partners and distributors.


Planisware is followed by all of the major IT Research companies.

Planisware is a solid PPM solution for large enterprises with capital investment or product development portfolios. Its multi-lingual and multi-currency support and strong partner network makes it an ideal solution for global enterprises.

Info-Tech, "Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Project Portfolio Management"

Planisware (...) ha(s) built (its) businesses around the product development space and (is one of the two) clear market share leader. Look for these vendors to differentiate themselves from the other market entrants by offering high-value product technology strategy capabilities, portfolio analytics, and other executive-decision-support features.

Forrester, "It’s Time To Revisit PPM For Product Development"

Planisware's strength and ability to leverage top-down portfolio management to support the distinct management needs of different classes of portfolio-level elements, as well as (...) competitive analysis (...) for new product planning and development.

Gartner, "MarketScope for Project and Portfolio Management Software Applications"


Web solution

Planisware is a web application built upon HTML 5.


3-tiered architecture

Planisware is built around a classic 3-tiered architecture:

  • Client browser (any: PC, tablet, phone, etc.)
  • Application server and web server (Mac, Linux, Unix)
  • Database (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL)



80% of our customers integrate Planisware with a third party system:

  • Enterprise solutions: SAP Solutions, Oracle Application, accounting systems
  • Specialized applications: Rally Dev, various CTMS, many CMS such as Documentum
  • Desktop software: Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Excel), MS Project, Primavera

For more information, see our page on Connectors.


Most Planisware customers choose to host their solution on-premise. Either because you feel your data is too valuable, or this is your IT policy, your organization can purchase your licenses and host the system on-premise.

Product upgrades are included in our maintenance services. Customers migrating from one release to the next benefit from the improvements we're making to our products.

In the cloud

The Planisware solution is also available as a service. Planisware offers two cloud services:

  1. Planisware Live offers dedicated servers with an infrastructure tailored to the needs of its customers. Planisware Live is a private cloud, an extension of the customer's infrastructure.
  2. Noovem is a service based on a shared architecture, with a standard SLA and a common upgrade policy.

Learn more about Planisware in the cloud, on our Cloud services page. -