Pipeline Management

Achieve the cornerstones of portfolio management: alignment, value maximization, balance, all within the capacity of the organization

Project Prioritization and Ranking

In order to determine which are the most promising opportunities to pursue, it is important to attain a clear vision across potential opportunities. Planisware streamlines the process of opportunity prioritization.

Through graphically-rich dashboards, companies are able to visually weigh all opportunities along consistently measured KPI and along different dimensions for less biased, quicker, and more informed decision making. 

Balancing the Portfolio

A series of portfolio reports and dashboards in Planisware enable organizations to test various investment scenarios in order to define the best mix of projects and opportunities that can be achieved, given limitations to the organization's budget and resources.

Pre-built analytics enable the organization to visualize benefits and understand the trade-offs among risk, reward, cost, and other considerations.

Portfolio Simulations and “What-if?” Analysis

On an on-going basis, portfolio-, resource-, program-, and project managers must make adjustments to accommodate changing circumstances and shifting priorities. Planisware provides users with a best-in-class toolbox that empowers them to make educated decisions on portfolio adjustments.

Project Scenarios and Portfolio Simulations

A “sandbox” area, comprised of a selection of projects or the entire portfolio, can be loaded for simulations and “What-if?” scenarios to help direct final decisions. Users can test the impact of any number of actions - like delaying milestone deliveries, changing the scope of a project, and altering resourcing decisions - to the project or portfolio as a whole. Analyses and comparisons of the various outcomes can point users to the best action plan to pursue.

Risk Assessment

Monte-Carlo Simulation allows users to perform simulations over tasks, resources or costs at any level of granularity in consideration of risk management and mitigation. Results of Monte-Carlo simulation enable users account for probability when making critical decisions and evaluate the effectiveness of potential risk mitigation plans.

Portfolio Optimization

With an advanced portfolio optimization toolset, Planisware ensures that users maximize their resources, budgets and schedules, by choosing the right projects to invest in, and assigning the right resources at the right time to get the best results for smooth product delivery.

Advanced sensitivity analysis tools allow users to consider organizational constraints across the entire portfolio to ensure that projects are executed efficiently.

Tornado charts measure the impacts that inputs have on outputs in a percentage format, providing users with accurate calculations that enhance and improve the decision-making process.