Planisware Orchestra - Product tour

Find out how Planisware Orchestra brings you all the tools necessary for successful end-to-end Project Portfolio Management.


Demand Management & Portfolio Prioritization

Give your portfolio manager a centralized view of all project requests that must be qualified and prioritized. You will achieve a balanced portfolio without redundant work and with resources focused on value-added projects throughout the year.

  • Collect and centralize project requests in a single view
  • Flag and be alerted to finance and resource limitations
  • Assess scenarios depending on strategic scoring and resource capacity
  • Ensure the connection between business objectives and successful project execution


Project Execution

Combine proven effective planning methods, such as Agile, Waterfall and Stage-Gate, depending on your requirements in the project life cycle. Standardize project with templates, and get your project teams working together with a clear list of tasks. Finally, track your progress with clear milestones and deliverables.

  • Identify projects, their requirements, and their teams
  • Delegate tasks and get project teams involved
  • Implement hybrid project management with agile and waterfall planning
  • Monitor the progress of projects and KPIs


Resource Management

Configure your Resource Management process to fit your workflow requirements. Whether you need role-based or named resources, complex assignment rules, or supply and demand visibility - Orchestra can handle it

  • Anticipate team capacity and availability
  • Optimize workload and reduce project delays
  • Analyze time distribution between project and non-project activities
  • Get a single timesheet for all resources activities


Schedule a live demo with our team

One to one live demos let you discover how Orchestra increases your project portfolio efficiency by uniting all project stakeholders on a single web PPM solution. You will be able to discuss with our team how Orchestra can be adapted to meet your objectives. Contact us to discover the PPM tool that fits your needs!


Cost Management

Provide project managers with the ability to plan, track, and analyze the financial performance of projects in real-time. This allows you to manage high level budgets, right down to detailed accounting on items such as FTEs, man days, expenses, materials and equipment.

  • Anticipate and breakdown budget needs to get reliable buckets
  • Get a centralized view of project costs (planned, actuals, payments…)
  • Ensure the reliability of forecasts and budgetary outcomes


Collaboration & Reporting

Decision-makers can no longer be satisfied with a high-level summary of what’s going on. They also need to be able to anticipate outcomes and act when necessary. Give them real-time control over their portfolio, and they can make decisions based on past findings, real-time monitoring, and forecasting.

  • Be confident in the accuracy and reliability of project data, by formalizing and speeding up project reporting
  • Measure project impact and profits in real time
  • Facilitate communication among teams
  • Share and keep track of all data and documents