Nick Duncan

Global Commercialization Systems Lead, Beam Suntory

Nick has been with Beam Suntory since 2010 as part of the Global Commercialization team. Throughout his tenure, he has managed systems and applications ranging from enterprise Digital Asset Management to the now-retired project management tool replaced by Planisware. Throughout 2016, Nick led the Beam Suntory technical implementation side of the Planisware deployment and continues to identify technical solutions to project management challenges as a key part of his role.

Prior to Beam Suntory, while in school, Nick worked in the school’s IT department supporting the computers, networking, and AV systems of the classrooms on campus. Additionally, he worked as an assistant on a NSF-funded study in the school’s Information Systems department which sought to find ways to increase interest in technology classes for freshman women.

Nick graduated from Illinois State University in 2010.


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