Users rate Planisware as a champion

Munich, 08/13/2020 – Planisware has been positioned as a champion in techconsult’s professional user rating PUR Digital Solutions in the field of project management solutions.

For over 25 years, techconsult has been considered as one of the most renowned research and analyst companies in Germany. The company performs extensive customer satisfaction analyses among software users within certain software categories. The current PUR Digital Solutions user survey has been based on the subject of project management for the first time. Among the most important software providers within this market, Planisware has been rated as a champion by users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Planisware has not only obtained this extraordinary score from the users in the company rating, but also in the service rating with regards to the services provided and the advantages of its software solutions. The Professional User Rating (PUR) is based on approximately 1,500 online interviews evaluating the usability, the price-performance ratio, the functional scope provided by the software solutions, the solutions package, the competency of the partner network and the consulting quality of the software provider.

In the PUR Digital survey, the individual providers are positioned within the so-called diamond according to their user scores.


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