Planisware COVID-19 Business Continuity

Coronavirus outbreak and Planisware business continuity

The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to impact the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and businesses around the world. Planisware has been closely tracking the situation since its start, monitoring the spread of the virus and assessing any impact to our people and operations around the globe on a daily basis.

I want to inform you about the steps we are taking at Planisware to protect the health of our employees, and to ensure business continuity, service, and support to our partners and customers.

  • Business Continuity. You will continue to receive the same level of service and accessibility to the Planisware platform, along with continued full engagement from our Customer Success, Account Management, and Professional Services teams. In addition, all of our system support functions remain online. Planisware has a Business Continuity plan as part of our ISO 27001 certification. We will continue to run our business 24/7.
  • Remote Work. As of today, we have instituted a work from home policy for all employees and contingent workers to minimize exposure to them, their friends and families, our customers and partners, and limit virus propagation. We have closed several of our offices and are requesting all employees to work from home. We will re-evaluate as appropriate. Planisware Zero Trust Network policies ensures every employee has proper access when required to the Planisware resources, while not compromising any of our security policies.
  • Travel Limitations. We have instructed all employees to cancel all travel. Our current policy is that all business and customer meetings or demos can for the time being be done as virtual meetings via call/video-conference for which we have increased our capacity.
  • Partners: We are collaborating closely with our partners to understand any potential impact on their services, while developing contingency plans to avoid any disruption to your business. As of now, we anticipate business continuity.

We are closely monitoring guidance from government agencies and health authorities to ensure that our policies and practices keep our teams safe and healthy, and we are actively adjusting our policies accordingly. We will advise you of any meaningful changes.

Pierre Demonsant,
CEO - Planisware