Planisware achieves new Innovation Team Agility certification from Stage-Gate International

Planisware is among the first PPM vendors to receive certification for Innovation Team Agility and be recognized for capabilities to help automate hybrid innovation models.

March 15, 2017 (San Francisco, Ca) -- Planisware, the leading global provider of Project and Product Portfolio Management (PPM) software solutions for new product development (NPD) organizations, announced today that it has met the requirements for Stage-Gate® International’s newest criteria category, Innovation Team Agility. The new category mandates that a solution provider includes the workflow configuration, user interface and collaboration capabilities necessary to enable teams to execute product innovation with greater agility, flexibility, and speed. Planisware is already Stage-Gate® Ready certified in all other categories, specifically Idea-to-Launch Process Management, Portfolio Management, Idea Management and Innovation Strategy.

Stage-Gate® added the Innovation Team Agility category this year in response to the increasing emphasis on hybrid innovation management models among NPD organizations. With the trend toward integrating popular project management methodologies – including Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban and Spiral Development – into the Stage-Gate® process on the rise, Stage-Gate® evaluated the PPM solutions best equipped to automate companies’ innovation management strategies. Planisware is one of the first and only PPM solution providers to have met all Innovation Team Agility certification qualifications and standards.

“It’s no surprise that Planisware is leading the pack among PPM providers to achieve Innovation Team Agility certification. We’ve long been the only solution with Agile capabilities fully integrated within our project, program and portfolio management solution,” said Pierre Demonsant, CEO and founder of Planisware. “Alternatively, Planisware integrates with other operational Agile tools, like JIRA and Rally, so customers choosing to leverage outside platforms can maintain excellent project and portfolio visibility.”

To learn more about how Planisware supports Innovation Team Agility, please watch a recent demo illustrating the solution’s capabilities or visit