Planisware Achieves 20% Growth in 2013

PPM software solutions provider posts strong growth, attributable to differentiated industry offerings, an enhanced SaaS offering, and product advancements that bolster visibility and collaboration.

Planisware©, the leading global provider of Project and Product Portfolio Management (PPM) software solutions for new product development (NPD) organizations, today reported earnings of $46M in revenue during the fiscal year 2013, an increase of 20% globally year-over-year. In the U.S. alone, Planisware’s revenue grew by 25% from 2012.

Gaining momentum within the NPD space, Planisware acquired 26 new customers across a range of product development industries. Differentiated offerings assisted business growth particularly in the Chemicals, High Tech, and Automotive industries. In these industries alone, Planisware garnered 13 new references, including a top U.S. automaker, which aims to manage the full product development pipeline in their Planisware solution.

By close of 2013, the Planisware customer base included 42% of the top 60 R&D spenders worldwide. The addition of five customers in South Korea and Japan, and a minority stake in Innovation Framework Technologies Japan, a distributor of Planisware software, further extended Planisware’s presence in Asia.

Renewed efforts, in improving Planisware’s cloud offering, inspired significant transformations in architecture, efficiency procedures, and Planisware technology. The new model provides cloud customers even greater flexibility in self-governance, and further reduced total cost of ownership. In 2013, revenues from cloud-based customers increased by 78% from the previous year.      

Planisware is a major asset for moving products to market faster, providing our customers a significant competitive advantage,” stresses Pierre Demonsant, CEO and founder of Planisware. “Innovation and new product development organizations invest in Planisware solutions because the visibility gained at all levels of the organization enables everyone - from executives, to managers, to operational teams - to make smart, fact-based decisions, quicker. Functional and cross-functional work streams benefit from improved coordination and more effective conversations.

Planisware product advancements in 2013 targeted improved business intelligence, better collaboration, and end user empowerment. Planisware introduced new features including:

  • a social networking module that lets users communicate broadly across projects, programs, products, teams, etc. and subscribe to targeted feeds;
  • a presentation module that enables users to build in-product presentations by selecting reports with live data;
  • and additions to best practice frameworks, including built-in deliverable templates for phase-gate modeled projects.

Planisware’s business intelligence module, Planisware Explorer, as well as Planisware’s Roadmapping and P&L modules, also received upgrades.   

An end-to-end, fully integrated PPM software solution designed specifically to support NPD processes, Planisware is used by more than 250 organizations worldwide.

Planisware supplies the framework to enable visibility for better-informed governance, efficient collaboration across the organization, and improved time-to-market.

About Planisware™

Planisware is a global provider of Project and Product Portfolio Management software solutions. Planisware's acclaimed configurability accommodates the company's customers across a variety of industries and empowers users to align the solution with key business programs and portfolio management processes. To learn more about Planisware, please visit or call 888-752-6479.