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New Planisware V6 Brings Innovation To Market Faster

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 I San Francisco, United States I Press Release I User Summits

V6 is a complete refresh of Planisware’s flagship Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution with a new user interface, additional features, and improved scalability and performance.

San Francisco, April 15, 2014 – Planisware, the leading global provider of Project and Product Portfolio Management (PPM) software solutions for New Product Development (NPD) organizations, launched Planisware V6 (V6) at its 13th Annual User Summit. The latest software solution brings a completely new redesigned user interface and improved scalability, enhancing the user experience.

This new V6 release is all about further increasing the ROI of the Planisware implementation, the latest innovations in user experience and performance of Planisware V6, allows organizations to significantly reduce their implementation time, while boosting user adoption, and providing more control in the hands of the end users and administrators.

Pierre Demonsant, Founder and CEO of Planisware.

Planisware V6 is the successor of (P5) Planisware P5 and continues to accelerate the time-to-market of innovative products with a new design that enables faster implementation times.

  • A New User Interface: The radically redesigned user interface delivers a new minimalist look that enables users to focus more on the data, and less on the tool itself. The new design is optimized for use with touchscreen devices, and allows users to increase their workspace at their own pace.
  • New Capabilities: The new Meeting Management feature was included to facilitate Portfolio reviews, Stage-Gate reviews, Agile reviews and other meetings. The new resource management capabilities offer a more streamlined way to manage already allocated resources as timelines change. The Agile development features in Planisware are borrowed from a methodology that originates from software development but that is now trending in - and benefiting - product development.
  • More Control for the User Community: End users can add tools, tabs, screens, features, and modules as they progress, as well as access documentation and E-Learning directly from the system. Administrators are able to update the data model and execute configurations using a Web browser. Support teams can also quickly enter the System Console.
  • New Technology:  Leveraged symmetric multi-processing (SMP) and in-memory computing (IMC) have significantly improved the software performance. Now the V6 architecture can handle up to 3 times as many users as before.