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Leaders in Innovation Divulge Best Practices At Planisware's User Summit

Thursday, May 15, 2014 I San Francisco, United States I Press Release I User Summits

Planisware PPM Solutions have enabled New Product Development (NPD) and Innovation companies worldwide to improve organizational efficiency and bring innovation to market faster, saving millions of dollars year after year.

Planisware hosted over 200 representatives from 50 organizations around the world at its recent 2014 User Summit in San Francisco.  The program featured the launch of the Planisware V6 software release, successful customer case studies, practitioner-led interactive group discussions, and Planisware software and best practice workshops.

During the summit, more than twenty five customer organizations had a chance to share some of their knowledge, experiences, and achievements gained from using Planisware. Referencing direct savings as well as benefits achieved through process improvements, established Planisware customers illustrated achievements of ROI¹ well over the 250+% benchmark² of what is likely to be achieved when investing in a PPM tool over a three-year period according to Forrester.

Below are some example case studies shared during the Summit.

Pfizer - Since 2011, Planisware has played a part in Pfizer's initiative to accelerate innovation, improve transparency and accountability of resources to deliver scientific excellence, and to drive R&D as a business. Implementing resource and cost forecasting for 99% of the Discovery and Development Portfolio within Planisware has enabled Pfizer to be able to make strategic resource allocations and informed decisions to maximize portfolio value, based on quickly accessible, trusted, data analytics.

Brocade - High Tech organizations require marketing, engineering, product management, operations, support, finance, and corporate program management to all work together in order to deliver products fast, cheap, and on time.  Recognizing the need for a best practice-based program management system that would provide a single source of truth and enable better data-driven decisions, Brocade began their journey with Planisware in 2013. Brocade is utilizing Planisware to manage their programs following a well-defined Stage Gate process that facilitates the management of key deliverables across business units, which in turn provides insight into program health and risks, and enables reporting analytics for Executive Management.

Ford - In the contemporary fast-paced automotive environment, continuous innovation has become mandatory and efficiency in product development is vital. The ability to develop and share new components across vehicle programs has become a key strategy for gaining significant cost-savings. Consequently, managing the development of a network of shared components across functions, engineering teams, and vehicle programs has become even more complex. Ford has turned to Planisware to manage their programs in order to gain greater transparency over their portfolio of programs and a better understanding of component statuses, so that program managers and product development teams are alerted to and have time to address potential risks before they can occur.

With a global presence across 4 continents Planisware serves over 250 customers including many top Global R&D Spenders (Michelin, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Bosch Engineering...), making it the #1 PPM software provider for NPD.

“Our User Summit gives our customer base a venue to catch up with the latest news from Planisware and learn more about our software,” said Pierre Demonsant, CEO and founder of Planisware. “But beyond that, it provides an effective meeting-of-the-minds for our customers, PPM practitioners from companies at the forefront of innovation.


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