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Dr. Robert G. Cooper to present Agile-Stage-Gate hybrid methodology for the first time in North America

Thu, 25 August I San Francisco (CA), United States I Center for Excellence I Dr Robert Cooper

Planisware Center for Excellence will host a masterclass with the Stage-Gate® founder in Chicago on October 25th for a one-day workshop focused on how to integrate Agile project management methods within new product development idea-to-launch models.

August 25, 2016 (San Francisco, Ca) – The Planisware Center for Excellence announced today that it will open its innovation masterclass series with “Beyond Stage-Gate® and Agile” led by Dr. Robert G. Cooper, creator of the Stage-Gate® methodology and noted scholar in new product development (NPD) research, who will introduce his Agile-Stage-Gate hybrid methodology for the first time in North America. The event will be held at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Chicago on October 25th and will include interactive lecture and discussion sessions, case study illustrations, practical exercises, and guidelines to help participants apply newly learned concepts within their respective organizations. 

Dr. Cooper’s original Stage-Gate® model was introduced as a value-creating business process and risk model designed to reduce NPD cycle times and improve success rates. While a majority of North American businesses today employ a stage-and-gate system to manage new products, Dr. Cooper developed his Agile-Stage-Gate hybrid model in response to the growing need for NPD organizations to become more customer-centric and adaptable to quickly-changing customer requirements. 

The new hybrid model incorporates Agile project management methods traditionally associated with IT and software development within the Stage-Gate® process to ensure greater customer satisfaction with the end product. Companies that have adopted this system have reported significantly improved productivity, enhanced design flexibility, improved prioritization decisions, better coordination among project teams, and higher morale among team members.

“Dr. Robert Cooper’s contributions to new product development over the years have revolutionized the way organizations get winning innovations to market,” said Pierre Demonsant, CEO and founder of Planisware. “His new Agile-Stage-Gate hybrid methodology is poised to have a substantial impact on how NPD organizations respond to increasing consumer demands and we’re thrilled that he’s chosen to debut the model in North America through the Planisware Center for Excellence.”

The Planisware Center for Excellence is a forum dedicated to sharing and discussing NPD and R&D best practices, and features a series of innovation masterclasses led by published authors recognized for their expertise in project and product portfolio management.  For more information on the Planisware Center for Excellence and to register for the October 25th masterclass, “Beyond Stage-Gate® and Agile” with Dr. Robert Cooper, please visit the Planisware Center for Excellence website.