Multi-level Planning

All project management processes are designed around best practices defined in the PMBOK®, and based upon methodologies including PACE® from PRTM®, and Stage-Gate® from Stage-Gate Inc.

Years of feedback from our customers for all types of products, projects, and industries are incorporated into our solution.

Better visibility over all projects

Simple dashboards allow organizations to review the progress of projects in light of environment changes, new risks and opportunities, and project trends in cost, schedule, resource consumption, time curves, and earned value.

Planisware acts as a single source of truth for all planning data. All project stakeholders use the same tool, work with the same methodologies, and view the same data. Building trust around the system increases frequency of use, results in more frequent updates, and produces increasingly reliable data.

Multi-Level Planning

From the start, Planisware has enabled organizations to manage multiple projects from a single environment, fostering transparency across the organization. Our matrix environment allows work to be owned by and distributed across different departments, while multi-project, cross-functional views aid communication among business units.

Planisware’s Synchronization Module facilitates communication and promotes alignment between development teams and project teams by allowing mutual visibility into key tasks and milestones across projects. The comparison is accomplished seamlessly and captures both scheduling misalignments, as well as discrepancies in assumptions.

This means different functions can access targeted milestone dates and Project Management can gain insight into realistic deliveries - before problems occur.

Manage Deliverables and Project Interdependencies

Some projects may supply a product, technology, component, or service that will be required for the success of other projects. Deliverables management provides visibility over program, product, and technology cross-dependencies within the portfolio. 

Planisware manages deliverables by enabling each project to identify existing outputs within the organization's portfolio that may be a key element for cross-project success or completion. Depending on your organization’s practices, you can automatically accept shifting dates, or view the date of a deliverable your project depends on before synchronizing it.

Planisware enables project managers to track the progress of deliverables and use provided documentation to prioritize work and anticipate the impact of delays and changing circumstances before it's too late.