Two years with SAFe: lessons from a large IT department with Fredrik Carleson

Want to find out from first-hand experience how hard (or easy) a SAFe® implementation is? Learn from Fredrik Carleson

Fredrik pinpointed the three obstacles that created the most headaches for him:

  • SAFe is impossible to grasp
  • Promotes hierarchy and unnecessary coordination
  • Roles, roles, and more roles

Carleson comically refers to SAFe as a carrot-chocolate-cream-cheese-blueberry-lemon-candy-crust-frozen-meat cake. That is, similar to trying to add all your favourite ingredients to make the best cake in the world, SAFe attempts to add all the best practices into a one-size-fits-all solution.

However, there is a way to navigate the SAFe maze and alongisde the pitfalls that Fredrik came across, he identified clear actions to succeed. 

In this webinar, which included a lengthy Q&A, Fredrik discussed how to fail, fail and fail again to learn to succeed with SAFe.