Structured Innovation is Not an Oxymoron (Ford Technical Development Presentation)
In this presentation Rick Amori, GTDS Tool & Process Supervisor and 6Sigma Deployment Champion within Ford's Research and Engineering organization explains how Ford's Technology Development Process offers a way for marketing, engineering, and management to better communicate and improve technology delivery.

In bringing innovation to market, different teams working on the same product (e.g. scientists, management, marketing) often come from different perspectives, focus on distinct objectives, and take on different approaches. This makes it difficult to speak the same language and get on the same page to deliver a project both efficiently and effectively.

In this presentation, Richard Amori, GTDS Tool & Process Supervisor, MBB/6Sigma Deployment Champion, within Ford’s Research and Advanced Engineering organization explains Ford’s Technology Development Process.  In the presentation, Richard focused on:

• How a Stage-and-Gate methodology can improve technology delivery
• The concept of Failure Mode Avoidance: a key discipline in implementing successful innovation
• How statistical and analytical thinking via Design for Six Sigma methods can support data-driven decisions when large samples of data are not available (due to the lack of a mature design and hardware)

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