Real-world application of options thinking utilizing Planisware Enterprise

Beam Suntory practitioners Eric Schuetzler (Senior Director of Global Commercialization) and Jennifer Biggs (Global Commercialization Senior Project Manager) presented "Real-world application of options thinking utilizing Planisware Enterprise" at the Minneapolis Regional Innovation Round Table on September 14, 2017.
Real world application of options thinking utilizing the Planisware platform - Beam Suntory

Between 2010 and today, Beam Suntory has grown immensely in people, brands and sales as a result of base brand growth, new product innovation, acquisitions and mergers. As now the World’s 3rd Largest Premium Spirits Company, it became clear that achieving growth and financial targets would not come the same way they did before. Right-sized business systems and processes would now be required to meet these new challenges. Increased scrutiny of strategic, financial, and resource positions across a global portfolio of brands, with regionally managed businesses, would be paramount to project and company success over the long-haul. Throughout a one year PMO timeline, the team redesigned the internal commercialization processes from front-to-back and built the Planisware implementation to bring them to life around the globe.

This presentation provides an overview of how their October 2016 Planisware go-live has allowed the Global Commercialization team to apply options thinking across a portfolio of hundreds of projects. The Beam Suntory team will present how they utilize the Planisware platform and specific configuration and/or customization choices have significantly improved an informed business decision making process – with all players able to understand the gives and takes across both individual projects as well as the broader portfolio.