PPM Accelerate's 50 Best Practices
The complete list of Dr Michael Menke's PPM Accelerate 50 Best Practices, sorted into categories.
PPM Accelerate's 50 Best Practices

For years, Dr. Michael Menke has led an ongoing PPM Accelerate Benchmark to study which PPM best practices leading R&D organizations were addressing, and which ones are being done well. At its core is a set of 50 best practices for PPM derived from prior benchmarking studies, an extensive literature search, and over 30 years of working with organizations doing portfolio management.

For example, practice A1—Pursue three overarching objectives in portfolio management: strategic alignment, strategic balance, and return maximization—is among Cooper, Edgett, and Kleinschmidt’s (1998) key findings.

The categories, and the practices within them, cover a wide spectrum of PPM activities as well as the connection of PPM to adjacent and related processes, such as strategy development, project evaluation, project management, and resource management.