Planisware Enterprise Demo: Scaling and Distributing Excel with Activetab

Tempted by a PPM solution, but also love the flexibility of Excel? What if you could combine both? Use Excel for its modeling and ad-hoc reporting capabilities and Planisware for distributing and consolidating spreadsheets.

Planisware Enterprise Demo: Scaling and Distributing Excel with Activetab
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Easily consolidate and distribute spreadsheets. Leverage Excel flexibility and modelling in a PPM Solution.

Planisware's Activetab technology combines Excel's strengths – personal productivity – with the benefits of an enterprise software – data accuracy and consolidation capabilities.

First, users publish their Excel spreadsheets – both model and data – to Planisware using Activetab. Then, user can leverage such published spreadsheet in several ways:

  • Distribute the spreadsheet over several users in order to consolidate the collected data within Planisware.
  • Pull information from Planisware to the spreadsheet to build charts in Excel.
  • or even use the model found in the spreadsheet to compute data in Planisware.

To see what Activetab can do, watch this demonstration where we follow a team as they leverage Activetab to:

  • Quickly describe in Planisware a scoring model found in an Excel spreadsheet, in order to repatriate data inside Planisware;
  • Then inject data from Planisware back into the spreadsheet within the scoring model to allow quick ad-hoc Excel reporting;
  • And finally use a complex financial model developed in Excel to compute, in Planisware, a very specific business case for a new product.