Planisware Enterprise Demo: Scaling Agile with SAFe, Train, Program and Teams [1/2]

Supporting a Scaled Agile Process from Portfolio level to Program and Team levels using the SAFe methodology.

In this two part webinar series, we set ourselves to 1] introduce to the SAFe framework in a very pragmatic way, and 2] show how to support, within our solution Planisware Enterprise, a Scaled Agile process that follows SAFe principles.

During this first webinar, we will focus on the program and team level of the SAFe framework and we will be showing:

  • Release trains
  • Program Increment (PI) Planning
  • Backlog management and prioritisation (using WSJF)
  • Program boards
  • Team breakouts & boards
  • Team management
  • Agile sprint within Planisware and Jira Integration

The second part of this demonstration can be seen on this page: SAFe at Portfolio Level