Planisware Enterprise Demo: Reducing Errors and Simplifying Simulations in P&L Forecasting (Featuring Activetab)
Organizations create volumes of financial spreadsheets that contain errors that go unnoticed for years. Planisware Enterprise's Activetab uses an innovative approach that takes existing Excel spreadsheets to create centralized, error-checked financial templates, reducing spreadsheet-manipulation errors while enabling powerful simulations.

Starting with centralized, error-checked models in the system, end users can initiate new spreadsheets directly within Activetab, selecting their model of choice. The system error-checks their work as they update their data to prevent common Excel issues such as cells that are accidentally left out of a total, or formulas that haven’t been updated. Activetab is closely integrated with Planisware Enterprise making it possible to integrate spreadsheet outputs with other modules, and within Financial Reports.

In this demo, Product Manager Baptiste Henriquez uses the example of P&L forecasting (a prime example of what often falls prey to the Error-prone Excel pitfall) to illustrate:

  • How to import a P&L model from Excel to Activetab, create a new P&L for a potential new product, and analyze the impact of adding the new product on the portfolio
  • How using Activetab can shave hours or even days off of other traditional modeling and updating methods