Planisware Enterprise Demo: Planning for Drug Development
Common ways our customers use Planisware to support their drug development planning processes.

Presented from the viewpoint of a fictional pharma company testing the feasibility of running an additional clinical study, this demo illustrates common ways our biopharma customers use Planisware to support drug development planning. 

This 25-minute demo walks through examples of how to:

  • Visualize your full portfolio of programs through Portfolio Timeline Views
  • Tie your cross-functional and detailed functional plans together through Multi-Level Planning
  • Anticipate resource level issues for a given function across the full portfolio of work through Resource Capacity Bottleneck Functionality
  • Figure out how to resolve resource issues using What-If Scenarios
  • Model your resource demand using Algorithms
  • Model the clinical cost curve with an example Patient Enrollment Cost Model
  • Compare the progress of your program’s schedule, resources, and costs against what was last approved through Program Health Dashboards
  • Own your data inside and out with Planisware Explorer, our powerful integrated Business Intelligence tool