Planisware Enterprise Demo: Driving Pro-Active Decisions with PPM Intelligence

Quickly gain access to key information needed to make informed decisions concerning your projects, resources, budgets and portfolios in Planisware.

Planisware Enterprise Demo: Driving Pro-Active Decisions with PPM Intelligence
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In many organizations, data is located in multiple systems. In each system, data might exist in different formats, supported by different assumptions, and even different values might be stored for the same data-point. Further, at times the data stored can be “old.” For example, if the data that was last entered in the reporting database came from the last approval point, things have probably changed since then. 

Project teams, Finance teams, Functional Teams, and Portfolio Teams can leverage Planisware Explorer (PEX), our PPM Intelligence solution, to gain access to the real-time single-source PPM information that’s being entered in Planisware.  The goal is to empower Planisware business users with forward-looking views that enable project and portfolio decisions based on the latest and most relevant information.

Example Planisware V6 features demonstrated:

  • Defining KPIs. The first thing you need to know in order to make decisions is to know where you are. Indicators let you know how you are doing, and more importantly expose the trend of where you are heading.
  • Providing information to stakeholders. You’ll understand how to publish information to other users in the system as well as outside of the tool.
  • Accessing readily available best practice reports. You’ll see a few typical reports for strategic planning as well as project and program health reports
  • Building your own reports and dashboards. Gain access to planning data in real-time and compile simple or complex queries in your own dashboards to generate new insights.