Planisware Enterprise Demo: Combining Agile and Stage-Gate for New Product Development

A practical example of how Agile techniques can be incorporated within the Stage-Gate Process.

What if you could combine the adaptability and speed of Agile methodologies with the discipline and risk mitigation of the Stage-Gate® methodology?

In recent years, Dr. Robert G. Cooper has been working with several major NPD organizations, integrating Agile methods within the traditional gating approach in order to accelerate the new product development process. Early results have been positive, with clients reporting quicker response to change requests, improved team collaboration, and faster development times.

Modeled after a case study Dr. Cooper presented at the masterclass, “Beyond Stage-Gate and Agile," this demonstration provides an example of how a cross-functional team can manage the development of a new product using Agile methods within a Stage-Gate framework.

Follow along as the team members:

  • View how the product fits into the global picture through the Roadmap
  • Review the backlog of stories required
  • Plan what goes into each sprint
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Track progress as the project evolves

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