Orchestra Demo: When Agile and Waterfall Planning Meet

How a Hybrid Agile PPM approach can help the PMO – through waterfall planning – better communicate and coordinate with Agile-oriented IT teams.

Orchestra Demo: When Agile and Waterfall Planning Meet
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How do you get PMOs that are driving strategic time-sensitive plans, to work efficiently with flexible, adaptable Agile development teams – when the two approaches seem so radically different?

Orchestra PPM’s traditional waterfall PM toolset and Agile development capabilities are integrated in a way that makes meshing directive waterfall planning with Agile development practices almost second nature.

This Orchestra PPM demo walks through an example of how to:

  • Streamline communication between the PMO and development teams to ensure both sides have a shared view of their strategic objectives.
  • Implement agile portfolio management that enables you to adapt to new threats and opportunities while monitoring project execution.
  • Support Hybrid PPM on a single web platform to unify all stakeholders.