How to successfully manage a phase and gate process on Planisware Orchestra?

Learn how to structure project execution with a phase-gate approach on Planisware Orchestra (5 min.)

This video covers how to:

  • Monitor the progress of the project phases and launch a gate-review
  • Ensure collaboration between project stakeholders and gate-keepers to validate deliverables
  • Using phases and gates to validate or invalidate the transition to the next phase
  • Inform the portfolio manager so that he can evaluate and minimize the impact on other projects

A phase-gate methodology is a straightforward and easy to understand project management model. Whether your project involves 1000 people or just 10, 5 locations throughout the world or just the one, a phase-gate methodology offers a process that works. Each stage consists of activities (the work that must be done) and an integrated analysis (of all the functional activities) which result in the creation of deliverables. Similarly, each gate is composed of one or several deliverables (resulting from the stage it closes) and criteria (usually both financial and qualitative, and organised in a scorecard), which result in an output or decision.

Because of its modular structure, a phase-gate is a very flexible methodology that can be adjusted to a variety of circumstances. From the simple 3 stages/2 gates process to the full-blown 5 stages/4 gates process, you can design the process that works for your particular environment.