Helping to Advance Healthcare with Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices

Planisware helped Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices create a single source of truth towards their strategic portfolio management.
Helping to Advance Healthcare with Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices

About Johnson & Jonhson

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies are using their breadth, scale and experience to reimagine the way healthcare is delivered and to help people live longer, healthier lives. They are making connections across science and technology to combine their own expertise in surgery, orthopedics, and interventional solutions with the big ideas of others to design and deliver doctor and patient-centric products and solutions.


In today’s digital environment, it isn’t just technology companies that are relying heavily on the importance of effective data management. For companies such as J&J Medical Devices, there is a wealth of data that can help them deliver new surgical, orthopedic, and interventional solutions and bring them closer to the needs of their customers. As J&J Medical Devices was comprised of 14 separate Platforms, the organization realized they needed to create harmony across the board to help measure their R&D projects. The IT department also had their own requirements. For them, the requirement was to integrate their management of IT resources.

J&J Medical Devices acknowledged their makeup of multiple franchises required a governance model that would create alignment for their 800 users, where they could understand the fluctuations in their data and adapt their project and portfolio needs when required. Accomplishing this goal would be a difficult task however it would allow them to efficiently view their portfolio of projects, reduce time and effort in consolidating plans and ultimately helping to align towards their customers’ needs like never before.

When we implemented Planisware the system itself, just by implementing a process for everyone drove efficiencies and that’s really helped us have one place to obtain the high-level project data and it’s provided us with a cohesive way of reporting across the business

Robyn Thornton-Harris, Global Compliance Manager at Johnson & Johnson Medical

Bringing strategic excellence

After a series of conversations to fully understand the scope of the work, Planisware were onboarded to transform J&J Medical Devices’ own project and portfolio management processes and solutions. One of the key outputs of the project was the creation of “OneMD”, allowing a unified view across J&J’s franchise group. The Planisware Enterprise solution allowed each franchise the flexibility to focus on their business goals whilst operating within a harmonized and cohesive structure. The solution also allowed J&J Medical Devices to reduce their IT landscape offering them a single source of truth towards their project data.

A difference driven by data 

With speed the Planisware team laid out an agile plan towards consolidating the company’s IT infrastructure with a clear goal of offering a single source of truth for The Medical Devices division.

With Planisware at the helm, J&J Medical Devices realized:

Enhanced efficiency

  • A unified IT infrastructure. The J&J Medical Device team are now realizing the benefits of operating from one system without having to create synergies across multiple tools.
  • Greater levels of transparency highlighting key milestones across business units.
  • Advanced portfolio status reporting. Effort reduced from 8 weeks’ worth of data collection, mapping and reconciliation effort, to live trusted data that can be accessed at any time. Reduced administrative burden on project creation or pivots throughout project execution with defined templates to create defined starting points and changes.

Increased visbility

  • A single source of truth allowing effective decision-making, greater alignment, and added risk reduction.
  • Aligned financial reporting with clear timelines and clarity in the underlying assumptions.
  • Portfolio Health available in real-time.

Franchise flexibility

  • Utilizing Planisware’s unique “Activetab” integration with Microsoft Excel, each J&J Medical Devices company can utilize their own excel formatting, equations, etc, while aligning harmonized KPIs into their programs and rolling-up across programs.


Planisware is continuing to support J&J Medical Devices on their transformation journey ensuring that the organization is keeping visibility and flexibility at their core. J&J Medical Devices are effectively utilizing data to understand their market and giving them the best opportunity to help the J&J organization to continue their legacy as the leading pharmaceutical company globally.